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Educational Collaborators

EdTechTrain provides professional development services for Vendors, as well as to their customers. Our experienced educators can create customized training plans to help your customers maximize their success and satisfaction with the products you offer. With our assistance, the vendor adds value to every sale by offering hands-on support to new product users. The EdTechTrain-Vendor partnership dramatically increases the likelihood of customer satisfaction, success in using the products, and repeat business.

Our Partnership objectives include:

  • Providing expert professional development specialists and learning experiences for your product users.

  • Modeling best practices and implementation strategies.

  • Customizing and differentiating instruction to address specific needs of each vendor and its valued customers.

  • Creating and implementing a seamless transition and flow from Vendor to EdTechTrain and back during the sales and implementation cycles.

As a leader in technology-related professional development and implementation processes, EdTechTrain has a proven track record, relentless dedication to our customers, and an unsurpassed commitment to service, which together ensure a successful outcome for all involved. Partner with the EdTechTrain Professional Development Team and sell ‘success’ to your customers, not just products.